Fuel is important in Zombie Run—how much do you
have and can you find more?

To keep things simple, vehicles have four fuel levels:
Very High, High, Low, and Out. Vehicles burn fuel at the
following rates:
· Motorcycle: one level every 200 miles
· Small car, jeep: one level every 100 miles
· Mid-sized car, Humvee: one level every 50 miles
· Large car, truck, or SUV: one level every 25 miles
During combat, if a driver draws a deuce his vehicle’s
fuel drops one level at the end of the round.
Because of the difficulty of refueling the bus, consider
the refueling in Part 2: Supply Stop sufficient to get the
bus as far as Phoenix.

Improvised Weapons
Characters in Zombie Run might find themselves using
just about anything as a weapon. Most tools, utensils,
and sports equipment function as clubs or knives, doing
Str+1 damage. Heavier or sharper items such as sledge
hammers and fire axes do Str+2 damage.

Basic chainsaw stats are given on p.45 of the Savage
Worlds rules. But chainsaws need gasoline (See
Gasoline above). One level of gasoline raises a
chainsaw’s fuel level to Very High. Its fuel drops one level
after every combat (unless the fight was very short) and at
the end of the round every time the chainsaw wielding
character draws a deuce for initiative. A chainsaw without
gasoline does Str+1 damage but doesn’t injure the wielder
on a roll of 1.

A length of chain does Str+1 damage and reduces
your opponent’s Parry by –1. It also adds +1 to disarm
attempts and Agility Tricks (if the Trick is performed with
the chain).

Molotov Cocktails
Fill a glass bottle or jar with gasoline, kerosene, or
some other flammable liquid, stick a rag in the top, light
it, and throw. Molotov cocktails have a range of 3/6/12 and
explode in a Small Burst Template. The fire does 2d10
damage each round with the usual chance of spreading (6
on 1d6; see Fire, Savage Worlds p.97).
One fuel level of gasoline makes four Molotov
cocktails. Increasing the amount of fuel doesn’t increase
the damage, but it does increase the area of effect. Twice
the normal fuel covers a Medium Burst. Triple the normal
fuel covers a Large Burst. More than triple normal fuel has
no additional effect.

Sledge Hammers
Sledge hammers do Str+2 damage but require
Strength d6 to wield effectively and reduce the wielder’s
Parry by –1.


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