New Edges

The characters in Zombie Run are normal, everyday
people. They don’t use magic, psionics, or anything like
that, so none of the magical, Arcane, or Power-related
Edges are appropriate. Weird Edges and Wild Card
Edges other than Power Surge are okay.

New Background Edge
Power Lifter

Requirements: Novice, Brawny, Strength d8+
Either naturally or through intense training, your
character has become really, really strong. His load limit
is 15 x Strength, and he gets +1 on melee damage and
rolls to break things.

New Combat Edge

Requirements: Novice, Shooting d8+
Your character has become very proficient at popping
off zombies. He suffers only a –2 penalty when he takes a
Called Shot at a zombie’s head (instead of the usual –4).
This Edge works only against zombies or other slow
moving or stationary targets. Against targets that actually
bob, weave, and dodge, such as living people, the
character suffers the usual –4.

New Professional Edges

Requirements: Novice, Healing d8+, Knowledge(Medicine) d8+
Physicians dedicate their lives to the science of
healing. Many were licensed professionals before the
disaster; others were gifted students and interns.
Characters with the Physician Edge get +2 on Healing
rolls. This is cumulative with the Healer Edge.

New Edges

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