Scavenging Rules

Characters in Zombie Run don’t buy starting supplies.
They might have had guns, camping equipment, or other
useful gear lying around their homes; they might even
have been soldiers or police with access to heavy
weapons and emergency equipment. But when things
went nuts, people just grabbed whatever they could find.
So the characters don’t get to pick and choose—they
start the game with whatever gear they’ve managed to

To scavenge starting gear, draw two cards for each
character, plus one card for each success and raise on a
Smarts roll. If a player rolls snake eyes, his character
gets no cards. Players can spend bennies on this roll.
Just take them out of their bennies for the first session.

Several encounters in Zombie Run provide
opportunities to scavenge specific supplies, but the
characters can also make unscheduled scavenging stops.
Just have everyone who goes scavenging roll Smarts,
draw one card for each success and raise, and consult
the scavenging list. The GM decides specifically what the
characters find. The characters must spend at least fifteen
minutes scavenging, during which time they have a 50%
chance of running into 3d6 zombies. If everyone fails their
Smarts rolls for scavenging, they find nothing.

Two-Five of Spades
Ammo—Your character has found 2d20 rounds of
ammunition. Roll 1d10 on the Guns & Ammo table and
choose ammunition from the appropriate category
If you’re drawing for beginning gear and your character
also scavenged a firearm, his ammunition is automatically
appropriate for his gun (the gun was loaded, he picked up
the gun and ammunition together, or he just got lucky)
unless his ammo card is the two of spades. In that case,
his ammo doesn’t fit his gun (he grabbed a .44 revolver
from the gun store, but when he searched the dead soldier
in the street, he found only 5.56mm rounds). Roll 1d20
and consult the table normally.

Six-Ten of Spades
Melee Weapon—Not necessarily an actual weapon.
More likely a tool, kitchen utensil, or piece of sports
equipment that can be used as a weapon—a baseball bat,
golf club, chainsaw, length of chain, butcher knife, etc. A
chainsaw might seem the best choice, but remember,
chainsaws require gasoline, which must be drawn
separately. See Gasoline above for more details.

Jack-Ace of Spades
Firearm—Your character has found a nice big gun.
Roll 1d20 on the the Guns & Ammo table and choose a
gun from the appropriate category.
Just because a character has a gun doesn’t mean she
has bullets. If your character draws the ace of spades,
she was lucky enough to find a fully loaded gun.
Otherwise, her gun is empty (unless she also draws an
appropriate ammo card).

Any Clubs
Odd Item—You never know when an extra pair of
shoelaces might save your life. Your character grabbed
something useful (or seemingly useless) as she went out
the door or ran around fleeing zombies and gangs. It can
be any simple gadget or piece of equipment—a rope,
screwdriver, shovel, extension cord, crowbar, flashlight,
blanket, an extra pair of shoes, warm socks, a backpack,
gasoline can, portable stereo, package of batteries, pen,
book, mosquito repellant, oven cleaner, deodorant, pack of
cigarettes, can of WD-40, electric guitar. Just come up
with something and check it with the Game Master. For
items that require batteries, the Game Master might allow
your character to have both the item and the batteries on
one draw, or you might have to draw this result twice.
Don’t grouse if your GM decides to be stingy about it.
This is the end of the world—you’re lucky to be alive.
Well, sort of.

Two-Seven of Hearts
Food—Your character has 1d10 pounds of canned,
packaged, or otherwise non-perishable food.
Eight-Jack of Hearts
Water—Your character finds 2d10 quarts of potable
water and the containers to hold it (jugs, flasks, canteens,

Queen-Ace of Hearts
Medical Supplies—Your character has basic medical
supplies: pain killers, bandages, antiseptics, etc. Without
such supplies, you suffer -2 on all Healing rolls. You have
enough to heal 1d10 wounds.

Two-Five of Diamonds
Flammables/explosives—Your character found
some sort of explosive or flammable substance—most
likely kerosene, oil, lighter fluid, or some other common
chemical, but if your GM is feeling particularly generous,
he might let you get away with a couple sticks of
dynamite or some plastique. Gasoline is covered under
fuel. You have enough for 1d10 applications (1-10 sticks of
dynamite, enough kerosene to douse 1-10 zombies or
make 1-10 Molotov cocktails, etc.). Of course just
because you have kerosene doesn’t mean you have the
matches to light it …

Six-Nine of Diamonds
Fuel—You have gas. Roll 1d6: 1-3 you have one level of
fuel (enough to raise a vehicle from Out to Low, Low to High,
etc.); 4-5 you have three levels; 6 you have five levels. See
Gasoline above for an explanation of fuel levels and vehicles’
consumption rates. As with all other scavenged gear, just
because you have gasoline doesn’t mean you automatically
have the vehicle to go with it. If you did manage to scavenge a
car or motorcycle, at least one fuel level is already in the tank.
Any excess is stored in containers.

Ten-Ace of Diamonds
Vehicle—You have a car, truck, van, motorcycle,
bicycle. Your vehicle can be as big or small as you want.
Smaller vehicles are slower, hold less, and often leave you
exposed; larger vehicles can transport more goods and
people, provide some cover and protection, but require a
lot more fuel and can be harder to maneuver though
zombie-clogged streets.

Black Joker
Discard the joker and draw two more cards.

Red Joker
Discard the joker, draw another card, and double the
quantity (2 firearms, 2 vehicles, 4d20 ammo, 2d10 pounds
of food, etc.)

Guns & Ammo
Whenever a hero is lucky enough to
scavenge some guns or ammo, roll 1d20 on
the table below to fun what type of gun or
what caliber of ammo they manage to get a
hold of:

Roll Gun/Ammo Type
1-5 Small Pistol (9mm or smaller)
6-9 Large Pistol (.44-.50)
10-12 Rifle
13-15 Shotgun
16-17 Assault Rifle
18-19 Submachine Gun
20 Machine Gun

See Savage Worlds p.46-47 for
examples of guns and ammunition.

Scavenging Rules

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